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Underwriting-What is it?

Underwriting provides non-profit organizations with the funds needed for the operation and expansion of their programs. While the WAWL receives funding from the state that covers personnel costs and basic operation, additional funding is essential to propel the station into the digital age. Funds are also needed to cover the cost of other crucial upgrades for the station and the addition of even more diverse types of music.

Underwriting is different from advertising.
On-air underwriting announcements include the name, location, phone number, e-mail address, etc., of your business or organization, with a description of the goods or services you provide.

The announcement, by law, may not contain the following:

  • • any call to action
    • qualitative claims or superlative descriptions about the goods or services
    • direct comparisons with other businesses
    • price or value information
    • inducements to buy
    • endorsements

Why support the WAWL?

You have the unique opportunity to help us fulfill our mission.

  • • Radio is still the only truly mobile media for a mobile generation. In addition, radio is the media of choice for today’s multi-tasking society: The listener can receive your message while driving, working, participating in sports or relaxing.

    • Due to the diverse nature of the WAWL’s audience, your underwriting dollars are targeted to the exact demographic audience you want to reach.

  • • The WAWL’s diverse audiences have a large disposable income. The WAWL gives you the opportunity to reach an affluent audience, and still target the younger demographic that spends many, many dollars on music, entertainment, food clothing and more.

    • The WAWL offers commercial-free promotion, allowing you to send your message clearly and without clutter. We can guarantee a minimum 30-minute separation of our clients’ messages.

    • The WAWL’s unwavering support of new and local music sets it apart from other stations in the area. By supporting the WAWL, you generate a cutting-edge image and position your business with the WAWL’s core listeners.

    • The WAWL’s underwriting expert can develop a total audience plan that will project your message to a maximum demographic spread at a minimum cost per listener.

    • Since 1980, the WAWL has provided hands-on training for broadcasting students at Chattanooga State.  Working at the station prepares these students to become the next generation of media personalities.

For Information
Contact:  Underwriting Sales at 423-697-4437